Rhoda’s Web Galleries was originally created for her site at AT&T  WorldNet, where it was named a Community Port Member Showcase Site for July 2000. Rhoda’s Web Galleries and her Family Swatches site were relocated to Word Press in anticipation of the closing of WorldNet at the end of March 2010.
Community Port Member Showcase
Included in Rhoda’s pages are her Gallery of Quilts, Gallery of Paintings, and photographs of various trips, family members, and their descendants.

Rhoda has also written two genealogy books about her great-grandparents, Jonathan Owen and Elizabeth Ann Dean, their forebears and their descendants, and a collection of stories about her travels. All three are published in electronic format and available from the author.

Genealogy book covers

In her mid-90s, Rhoda passed on her computers to other family members due to diminished eyesight and hearing. She entered Hospice care in September 2016. My mother Rhoda quietly passed away on Tuesday evening, November 15.

I can be reached at Elizabeth (at) Bennefeld(dot)net.

P.S. The yellow tulips pictured in the page header bloom every year in Rhoda’s back yard.